Now that we’re out of our short-term rental, I wanted to post an update on our experience using HC24 for housing.

In short, we had a much better experience with them than with HomeCompany, and so I’d recommend at least the Nürnberg affiliate to anyone looking short-term furnished accommodation.  They were very professional, with short response times (within 24 hours), professional contracts, deposits, payments into their accounts, a reputable landlord, and — most importantly — returned deposits with no hassle.

This was by far the most professional experience we’ve had in using a short-term rental company.  As mentioned in a previous post, we’ve had trouble with HomeCompany both times we’ve rented through them in the last ten years, and we had difficulty finding a place through them for this sabbatical so ended up in a different city.

While all of our HC24 experiences were positive while in Germany, I didn’t want to post an unequivocal recommendation until after the security deposit came back.  In the end, we had no problem getting it back in full, minus the cleaning fee that was outlined in the rental agreement.

If you need a furnished sabbatical apartment in a city where HC24 has an office, I would recommend working with them, based on our experience this time.